Visual Designer & Art Director
PR_One Million_F06

Opening titles for Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1  

Client: Paco Rabanne.     Agency: Stink.     Studio: Dvein.     Role: Art Director, 3D Designer.     Year: 2017.

DVEIN invited me as Art Director to explore, visualize and creatively design different ideas and concepts for Paco Rabanne's 1 Million  campaign.
The images below represents some ideas and style frames I had the pleasure of creating during this project.

PR_One Million_F04
PR_One Million_F01
PR_One Million_F02
PR_One Million_F09
PR_One Million_F03
PR_One Million_F08
PR_One Million_F05
—    Credits:  

Paco Rabanne
Mademoiselle Noï
Creative director:
Françoise Jacquey & Valérie Larondo
 TV Producer:
Catherine Guiol
Post Production:
Mikros Image


Directed by:

3D Design & Art Direction:
Jose Checa  
Darius Khondji
Greg Panteix
Production Company:
Stink Paris

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