Visual Designer & Art Director

Jose Checa is a Designer and Art Director, with a creative focus on 3D who loves to create original ideas through beautiful visual experiences.


Jose studied Computer Science Engineering and a Master's degree in Communication and Art Direction at Elisava School, in Barcelona.

Throughout his career, he has worked for companies such as Buck, Psyop, Tendril, Future Deluxe, 1st Ave Machine, Elephant and Brand New School, that allowed him to gain a valuable experience working for brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Samsung to name a few. After a two year stint working fulltime at 1st Ave Machine in New York City, in 2014, Jose began freelancing in Europe and USA.

He has always been fascinated by design, cinematography and the freedom to create everything imaginable just with a computer. His constant desire to keep learning and growing as a professional, has led him to develop a special sensibility for technique, aesthetic detail and visual storytelling.

Jose is always interested in working on creative and challenging projects that create a positive and emotional response to the viewer. He is available for remote and onsite work in both Europe and the USA.


Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Nike, Facebook, Adidas, Motorola, Bose, LG, Toyota, Canon, NFL, Verizon, L'Oréal, Honda, Paco Rabanne, Starbucks and Pepsi to name a few.

Studios and Agencies

Tendril, Buck, Psyop, Elastic, Future Deluxe, Gentleman Scholar, 1st Ave Machine, Elephant, Brand New School and Los York to name a few. 


Behance, Wix, Fubiz, Stash Magazine, Domestika, The Wuka, Graffica, The Oprah Magazine, The Inspiration, Visual Harmony, Send Points.

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